Field Supervisor

Whitaker Farm is looking for a Field Supervisor for day to day farm work and operations support of the farm. You will be working closely with the farm owner/operator and have the confidence to communicate clearly. A typical day would include harvesting, planting, weeding, irrigation, and all types of field activities. While this is a supervisory role for the 2022 season, we seek to increase the responsibilities to farm management in future seasons. Preference is given to applicants with previous farm management experience or seeking to become a farm manager.

Long term prospects available


  • Participate in the day to day operations of seeding, potting up, transplanting, weeding, irrigation, pest management, prepping beds, harvesting, washing and packing produce for sale
  • ensure that quality standards for the above are met
  • Supervision of part time staff and occasional volunteers
  • Close communication with owner/manager
  • understand and follow the crop plan
  • Estimate and report on harvest amounts 2 days ahead of harvest
  • Maintain records with provided forms
  • Tracking supplies as needed
  • Maintaining long term farm fertility and attentiveness to the big picture for the farm
  • Ensure tidy, efficient, safe workplace
  • Help others on the crew, and ask for help (good communication)
  • Integrating new methods with tried and true old ones

The ideal candidate has had market garden experience, can organize and manage their work efficiently, and is looking to move into farm management. You have the energy and stamina to work for the entire farm season and a good sense of humour helps.

Applicant Must:
  • have at least 2 years experience in diversified organic vegetable production
  • have had experience supervising others in a farm setting
  • be a fast, organized, efficient, and tidy worker
  • be able to cope with the physically demanding nature of the work
  • ideally have experience with no-till methods and also be keen to operate farm machinery when needed (tractor, mower, rototiller)
  • be proficient in irrigation methods
  • be committed to certified organic principles
  • be an excellent communicator
  • be able to work under pressure while maintaining supportive and communicative atmosphere with co-workers
  • be able to see the whole picture while being extremely detail oriented


JOB Details

Term: The position starts the second week April and is full time until the season, generally around November. Preference given to longer term applicants, seeking progressive responsibility.. We are an inclusive employer with progressive values.


Hours per week: 5 days/week, Mon-Fri, approx. 8-4 April through the end of October. We believe strongly in a managed work week and overtime is discouraged.


Wage: Pay is between $18-20/hr depending on experience, WCB coverage, 4% vacation pay, paid sick leave, a weekly csa box in main season, plus unlimited access to “seconds”.


Please send cover letter and CV to



About Whitaker Farm


Whitaker Farm is a 26 acre family owned and operated mixed market veg farm. Our focus is using organic practices to grow tasty veg for our community and we currently have 3 acres in production. While most of our work on the farm is low fossil fuel we do have some machines.


We are a fast paced farm, growing a lot of incredible food; with four harvest days per week, running a 60 customer CSA and attending the farmer’s market weekly



We recently won the Land of Plenty award, which recognizes progressive leadership in feeding the community, stewardship of the land and ethical business practices, most notably for us, our desire to ensure our staff are paid a better than living wage in a positive work environment.